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The Best Advice You will Ever Hear About Salad Spinner

By Pykal February 22, 2017


To enjoy a delicious homemade salad, one should consider making use of kitchen tools that speed up the preparation process to get the freshest and crispiest greens possible. When it comes to using your hands to wash the vegetables, unwanted grit and bacteria are more likely to remain alive on them which can have ill effects on you or your family’s health. It’s time-consuming and sometimes inconvenient to wash lettuce and greens with your hands, add to that the task of patting them dry using paper towels before mixing them in. That is why, a salad spinner is certainly very useful to those who want to keep themselves fit and healthy. Consider these advises we’ve got lined up in your search for the perfect salad spinner:

Advice #1 – On Capacity: More Greens, More Salad, More Healthy Creations… More is absolutely better.

The size of the spinner depends on the size of the salads you are going to make and the number of people you are likely to cook for. If you often invite or entertain many guests, you need to buy a salad spinner stainless steel that has at least 5 quarts capacity. If you usually pack more greens into the spinner bowl, then it’s very difficult to get them all to dry quickly which will lead to spending more time on spinning. It is because of the water staying between leaves that are packed too tightly together thus we advise to not overload the spinner for maximum efficiency. Thus the larger bowl capacity is a much better option if you’re hosting a gathering or you have a restaurant of your own that has a lot of salad in its menu.

Advice #2 – On Quality: Look for quality that is more than a promise, there should be genuine performance.

You will need to consider the materials used to make your salad spinner. Quality is top priority as you filter out your options. Most kitchen tools like lettuce shakers, salad tossers, salad dryer and drainers are made of plastic which are easily available in the market. When you are going to choose a plastic model, make sure that it is made with BPA-free plastic. It’s certainly a BAD BUY if you grab hold of a unit that contain some harmful toxins, so be very vigilant when it comes to every aspect of your kitchen tools. Stainless steel Salad bowl with lids is also commonly used, and it is preferable because of its durability and non-rusting quality. Look around for devices with components that are dishwasher safe as well.


Advice #3 – Keep the Lid on Tight

Paying close attention to the lid of your kitchen tools is equally important.  There are spinners that have sloppy lids and do very poorly with their lid mechanism. You should prefer a lid which is clear or transparent so that you can see your veggies inside while you spin. It should also be tight because if the lid won’t secure in place, spinning can get really messy with all contents spilling on you.

There are some spinners in the market which have knob-lids for manual spinning. There is another type of spinner which has a pump action with a cylinder that pops up from the lid. This kind of model is used by hand, so you need to press down on the cylinder to start the spinning motion. These pump-action spinners also contain a brake which is in the form of a button on the lid. Once you’re greens are dry, you just need to press the button to stop the spinning motion.

Advice #4 – Design: it’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is about how it works.

These types of kitchen tools are mostly multi-functional. The Pykal Salad Spinner comes with a basket that can double as a colander and a bowl which can be utilized as a serving bowl. Multi-functional kitchen tools like these provide you more value for your money. You can think about alternative uses of its bowl, drainers etc. before you make the purchase: see this article on 5 Different Ways to Use Your Salad Spinner.

According to the different needs of people, there are many versions of spinning salad bowls on the market these days. When you keep the above factors in mind, you will be able to choose the perfect spinner for your kitchen needs. Consider the important points above and match it with your unique kitchen needs before you buy!

Make your life a little easier in the kitchen when equipped with Pykal’s Salad Spinner!

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