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Perfect Gifts for Clean Freaks that They will Love

By Pykal November 02, 2018


In one way or another, many of us have met that one friend. One who hates sticky, dirty or gross things and activities. One who freaks out over sharing food or drinks – a big NO to double dipping! We understand that clean freaks can be fickle… so much more when you’re giving them a gift! But in appreciation to all germaphobes out there, we have shortlisted top perfect gifts for clean freaks that I am sure your certain friend who is super obsessed with cleanliness will come to love. You might want to get one for yourself as well – so read on!

Here are some items that you can give to your clean freak friend:

  • A rubber tap! When you have to drink from a bathroom sink because of desperate times. This is also the perfect item for your germaphobe friend as a personal drinking fountain
  • A travel mug! Where you don’t have to share with anyone or their germs. A perfect gift for your germaphobe friend who loves to drink a hot or cold beverage
  • A set of travel utensils that you know are clean. For your traveling germaphobe friend. Also perfect as personal utensils for your germaphobe friend
  • A bottle of hand soap when someone reaches in for a handshake. Perfect for your germaphobe friend who sanitize their hands after a handshake.
  • A traveling sheet for anyone who is grossed out by hotel linens. For your germaphobic friend who hates sleeping in hotel linen.
  • A two-in-one cellular phone charger and sanitizer that will clean your disgusting phone. Perfect gift for your tech savvy and germaphobe friend
  • A touchscreen cleaner that erases the unsightly smudges off from your precious devices. Another perfect gift for your tech savvy and germaphobe friend
  • A container of cleaning goo for getting crumbs and dusts out of your device’s keyboards. The perfect for your tech savvy and germaphobe friend.
  • A stay-clean dish scrubber that’s ahead of your original sponge.
  • A sponge holder with draining holes and open ventilation to keep your sponge as clean as possible. The perfect pair of stay-clean dish scrubber for your germaphobe friend.



How about an automatic soap dispenser! This will let out liquid soap without touching anything. It has sensors that detects the user’s hands without touching anything. Removing the possibility of being contaminated.

The Pykal Automatic Soap Dispenser introduces the Accusense Dispense Technology which produces ACCURATE and RESPONSIVE touchless sensor that detects your hand with ease. Its Touch-free and hygienic operation also comes with ADJUSTABLE Soap Volume that allows you to easily set the amount of soap dispensed to save you better with NO messy spills or after drippings. Now you can avoid cross infection with this touchless automatic soap dispenser. The  Kitchen & Bathroom Soap Dispenser also comes with a caddy where you can organize your sink essentials in an INSTANT!

  Based on some reader’s choice as well, here are some favorites:

  • A water bottle that not only filters water but also removes 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Another perfect gift for your travelling germaphobe friend. This is a good pair with the set of traveling utensils for your germaphobe friend as it also serves as a personal drinking bottle.
  • A compact kit of all the things your germaphobe friend require when nature screams and you deign to use a public toilet.
  • A portable toothbrush sanitizer which is built to kill 99.99% of bacteria in just seven minutes. Perfect gift for personal storage of your germaphobe friend’s toothbrush.
  • A plug-in odor reducer that scrubs your indoor air from dirty cigarette smoke, wet dog, roasted brussel sprouts, and more. This item sucks all the dirty air in your germaphobe friend’s home.

Those are some of the perfect gifts for clean freaks we have shortlisted for your germaphobe friends out there. Your germaphobe friends will surely appreciate these household essentials as their uncanny obsession with sanitation compels them to choose the most hygienic option possible!

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