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Stove Top vs Electric Kettles: Which is Better and Why

By Pykal August 25, 2019

Stove Top vs Electric Kettles: Which is Better and Why

It’s the small decisions that can make a difference in your life. In the kitchen there are small tweaks you can make that‘ll make your life a breeze. Even just choosing the right type of kettle can make coffee and/or tea time much more enjoyable

When it comes to kettle, one question remains unanswered. Which is more practical, stovetop kettle or electric kettle? Most would think that the answer depends on personal preference. However, many don’t know that the traditional stove top kettles have much more advantages than people think. Here’s a rundown list of the benefits of the Stove Top Tea kettles :

Gas is Cheaper than Electricity

Water boils faster in electric kettles, that’s because it uses more energy. This means that the faster your water boils, the higher the wattage your electric kettles consume. Meanwhile, stovetop kettles are cheaper by virtue of gas being cheaper than electricity

Stove Top Kettles Keep Water Hotter Longer

A 5-layer kettle with a base will stay hotter for a longer time. This is because the metal will retain heat for a longer duration. This is in huge contrast with electric kettles that cools down quickly. Through this, you not only save time, you also save a lot of energy by reheating water less and less.

Stove Top Kettles need an Oven Mitt-- unless you use an iCool Handle

In some cases, stovetop kettles need an oven mitt. That’s if you don’t own an i-cool handle kettle. Not many kettles have this convenient feature that keeps the handle cool even at boiling temperature. Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle has an iCool handle that cools down in less than 60 seconds. This means you can go mitt-free!

In conclusion, not everything that’s electric and automatic is beneficial. Sometimes classic and traditional is the way to go in order to save money and energy!

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