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Your Privacy Choices

Your Privacy Choices 


Do not sell or share my personal information – opt-out from targeted advertising


This notice and the options below only apply to Californian consumers and consumers of the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA and only to the extent the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), the California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”) or the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (“VCDPA") apply.


Privacy and data protection are key considerations for SellerX Nine GmbH (“we”, “us”, “our” or “Pykal”). In order to make sure that you, as a consumer of California, know about your right to opt-out from “sale” of your personal data under the CCPA or sharing under the CPRA and understand how to do this, we provide you the relevant information herein. This policy also provides further information to you, as a consumer of Virginia, by explaining how we enable you to opt-out from data processing for targeted advertising purposes as set out in the VCDPA.


To provide you with a tailored experience and relevant marketing communications as well as to carry out analytics we operate certain cookies and other similar technologies together with our partners. In general, the data processed in this context does not directly identify you, but it can give you a more personalized experience by providing information about you, your preferences or your device. For more information regarding our personal information processing operations please see our Privacy Policy.


We do not sell your personal information in the traditional meaning i.e., no money changes hands. However, as the definition of “sale” under the CCPA has a wide scope, some or all of our data processing operations carried out using cookies and other similar technologies may fall within the definition of “sale”. We may also share your personal information for the purposes of cross-context behavioral advertising. In accordance with the CCPA and the CPRA you can opt out from such “sale” or sharing of your personal information on our website by disabling non-essential cookies and other similar technologies by adjusting the toggles provided in the Cookie Consent Mechanism. This is also how you can opt-out from targeted advertising under the VCDPA. Kindly note, that the cookie settings are browser specific, so in the event you access our website using another browser or device or change the cookie settings of your current browser, you may need to readjust the settings. We may ask for your consent to cookies and other similar technologies after twelve (12) months from when you opted out.


Furthermore, as we may share your personal information with different marketing platforms (e.g., social media sites) to carry out targeted advertising, we enable you to opt-out from such sharing of your personal information. To do so please use the relevant mechanisms provided on our website.


Limit the use of my sensitive information


In general, Pykal does not process sensitive personal information in the meaning of the CPRA or the VCDPA. However, as certain information processed by third parties in the context of the use of cookies and other trackers may fall within the category of sensitive personal information, Pykal enables you to opt-out from cookies and other trackers as explained above. Furthermore, as advertising profiles created and processed by different platforms (e.g., social media providers) may include processing of sensitive personal information, we enable you to opt-out from such marketing operations by using the relevant mechanisms provided on our website.

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