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What to Look for in a Stove top Kettle

By Pykal August 23, 2019

Stove Top kettle

The average American Home does not fall short of use for the Whistling kettle . This convenient tool allows users to boil water for drinks such as coffee, tea, and other hot beverages. The whistling of a kettle is comparable to an alarm that will surely wake you up to your favorite morning drink.

Since there are many various choices for whistling kettle it’s easier to underestimate the features of a good Tea kettle . You might overlook certain features and purchase the wrong one. However, one question remains. What are the qualities of a good whistling kettle?

Quick Heating

Researching the product you are eyeing is essential to making an online price. For whistling kettles. Look out for information that shows how long it takes to boil water. Many people choose electric kettles because it boils faster. However, two things should be considered here. The first one being electricity is more expensive than gas. And the second one is there are kettles that have a quick heating feature.

The time needed to boil water will depend on the materials of used in creating the kettle’s made. Stainless steel which is all the rage today is a bad heat conductor when used only once. This means that one layer of stainless steel is slow boiling your water.

If possible, look for a whistling kettle with more than three layers of stainless steel. This allows for faster heating.

A great example of this is Best Tea kettle which has an innovative 5-layer encapsulated base that boils water faster than the average kettle. It has high heat conductors such as iron and aluminum that have been caked inside stainless steel exteriors that prevent it from leaching.

Don’t wait longer hours for your water to boil. Boil water faster and smarter!

Subtle Whistling

Sometimes some whistling kettles can produce an annoying and distracting sound while boiling. It is after all a whistling kettle. However, noise may not be suitable for homes with elderlies or babies. For this, you may want to prefer a gentle sound: loud enough to be heard but subtle enough to not cause any disturbances.

Heat Safe Handle

Mitts are a great tool to prevent you from getting burns. I-cool handles are great because you don’t have to worry about additional expense for mitts. This technology is only available at Pykal. Their iCool series has a handle that cools down in a matter of seconds as the stovetop is turned off.

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