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3 Different Types of Automatic Soap Dispenser

By Pykal November 02, 2018



Automatic Soap Dispenser also known as touchless or no-touch soap dispenser, automatically dispenses a controlled amount of soap solution. When washing hands, the user’s hand is placed under the nozzle and before the sensor. The activated sensor will then trigger a pump mechanism to automatically dispense a pre-measured amount of soap from the nozzle.  Below we will discuss the 3 Different Types of Automatic Soap Dispensers based on sensor types namely: Radar-based sensor, photo sensor, and passive infrared sensor.

  • Radar-based sensor sends out bursts of microwave energy and waits for the energy to reflect back. When hands are placed near the nozzle, the energy emitted from the sensor will bounce back irregularly which triggers the dispensation of soap. Modern sensors used in electronic soap dispensers use infrared light with wavelength in the range of 850 nm. The sensor in the automatic soap dispenser employs an emitter and a collector. The emitter sends forth pulses of infrared light while the collector, which is placed to face in the same direction as the emitter, sits dormant waiting to sense the emitted pulse. When no hands are present in front of the device, no reflection of light takes place, and therefore, no pulse is sensed. But when hands are present in the path of the emitted light, a portion of the emitted infrared light is bounced back in the direction of the collector which then triggers the generation voltage to switch the pump on.
  • Photo sensor is composed of two parts: a source of focused light and a light sensor. When the hands are placed in line of the beam of light, the pump mechanism is activated by the disruption that is sensed by the light sensor.
  • Passive infrared sensor detects infrared energy that is emitted by one’s body heat. When the user’s hands are placed in the proximity of the sensor, the infrared energy quickly fluctuates. The rise of the infrared energy then triggers the pump to activate and dispense the designated amount of liquid soap.

soap dispenser for bathroom and kitchen

Soap dispensers, specifically automatic soap dispensers have three advantages over manual soap dispensers. The automatic soap dispensers are touchless, have preset increments, and are versatile. Touchless mechanisms or sensors are activated which further creates an even more sterile environment. Without having various individuals touching the pump, bacterial transmissions will be eliminated. Automatic soap dispensers will also only distribute a set amount of soap per motion activation. There are even models that allow one to set the amount of soap to be dispensed to a highly efficient quantity in which waste will be minimal.

Mechanisms of automatic soap dispensers that work for soap may also work for other liquids like hand sanitizer, lotion, laundry detergent etc. This wide range of possibilities extends the use of the soap dispenser to various other locations other than the bathroom. However, adherence to supplier instruction is advised on compatible dispenser liquids.

The Pykal Automatic Soap Dispenser introduces the Accusense Dispense Technology which produces ACCURATE and RESPONSIVE touchless sensor that detects your hand with ease. Its Touch-free and hygienic operation also comes with ADJUSTABLE Soap Volume that allows you to easily set the amount of soap dispensed to save you better with NO messy spills or after drippings. Now you can avoid cross infection with this touchless automatic soap dispenser. The Kitchen Soap Dispenser & Bathroom Soap Dispenser also comes with a caddy where you can organize your sink essentials in an INSTANT!

These dispensers are ideal for use either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. They are mostly positioned or mounted near sinks. In the kitchen, soap dispensers can be found in either the countertop or the kitchen sink, while soap dispensers in the bathroom are mounted or placed near the bathroom sink. When in the kitchen, most are used before preparing food and before and after eating. While in the bathroom, automatic soap dispensers are mostly used after defecating or urinating.Automatic soap dispensers virtually eliminates the possibility of bacterial transmissions in between various individual person. It is thanks to the advancement in soap dispenser technology today that hand sanitizing has been made much easier and safer than before.

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