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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Pykal Whistling Kettle

By Pykal August 29, 2019

3 reasons why should you buy the pykal's whistling kettle

Simple items on your countertops can your life easier. Tea kettles are an example of such. It’s rustic, traditional and cost-efficient way of boiling water. The sweet whistle of a kettle reminds you of your favorite drink which makes mornings, afternoons, and even evenings better.

The whistling kettle is used daily in the modern day American household. However, the popular stainless steel kettles don’t provide user with necessary protection in the handle. It’s impossible to pick up your kettle due to the heat emitting from the handle. Users are often encouraged to own a mitt which is an added expense.

Many have been traumatized by burnt hands from their kettle. However, the Pykal Whistling Kettle has an i-cool handle that does not require mitts. Within seconds you can touch the handle with your bare hands without getting hurt.

The Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle has many features but we’ll give you three reasons why you should make your purchase!

5-Layer Encapsulated Base

The typical kettle is often made with one layer of stainless steel. This is a good thing and a bad thing. While stainless steel is heavy duty, it’s a bad heat conductor. This means it will take a more time and energy before you can bring your water to boiling temperature. On the other hand, Pykal Whistling kettle has an innovative 5-layer encapsulated base. This means it boils water faster than your average kettle. It also saves time and energy. It has high heat conductors such as iron and aluminum that have been caked inside stainless steel exteriors that prevent it from leaching.


Just as we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s impossible to hold kettle handles with your bare hands. Kettle handles are also heat conductors. This means that when the user comes in contact with it, he can get burned. This is unless you’re using the Pykal Whistling Kettle. You don’t need to own mitts. The I-cool handle is great because you don’t have to worry about that additional expense. Users only have to wait for a couple of seconds and you’ll be free to touch and hold the handle without getting burnt.

Subtle Whistle

Some whistling kettles can be quite annoying at times. The whistling is often a disturbing and distracting sound which isn’t ideal in certain households. You may have a baby or an elderly in your home and a disturbance is the last thing you would want to have. For this, you may want to prefer a gentle sound: loud enough to be heard but subtle enough to not cause any disturbances. This is exactly what the Pykal Whistling kettles has. It has a subtle hint of sound that isn’t extremely annoying or disturbing in your household.

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