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Top 3 Reasons to Get an Airpot

By Pykal February 11, 2019



Americans consume over 450 million coffee cups every day. Next to water, coffee is the world’s most popular drink. This was confirmed by the National Coffee Association when it conducted a survey involving 3,000 people in the United States and found out that the number of Americans who drink coffee on a daily basis increased from 62 percent in 2017 to 64 percent in 2018. Given this statistics, you can just imagine how many people need a reliable airpot coffee carafe in their kitchens or even in the office. 

If you are using an ordinary beverage container for your coffee or some other beverage, then you must have noticed some changes in flavor or even the quality of your chosen beverage. Containers come in a variety of shapes and materials including ceramic or even stainless steel. Whatever material you use will affect the flavor of the liquid that you are going to put inside. One of the best options you have if you want the best hot beverage dispenser is the Pykal coffee dispenser.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should get not just an ordinary thermal carafe but a Pykal airpot

It keeps your coffee hot and fresh

 Any coffee lover worth his salt will not settle for stale coffee. The Pykal thermal carafe is guaranteed to provide you with hot and fresh coffee at all times. You work so hard and you deserve to at least have a good-tasting coffee whenever you want it. No matter how expensive or high-grade your coffee beans are, you will only be able to taste that quality if you drink it hot. According to experts, the best temperature for serving coffee is between 140 to 185 degrees F.  The good thing about this carafe is that it has superior heat retention properties so you are assured that your coffee will never get cold. Laboratory tests showed that it was able to keep the water hot at 150 degrees F after 23 hours when it was left untouched. And since it has an insulation mechanism, it can keep your beverage at the ideal temperature, hot or cold, for up to one day or 24 hours. 

It has a stylish design

airpot coffee carafe

One good thing about this airpot is that it is not only functional but also very stylish. It has a stainless steel body with a black accent that will not clash with your interiors. But it does not just look good on the outside, because a quick inspection shows that it is also made of stainless steel inside which makes it rust resistant. It has a sturdy handle and lock switch so you are assured of safety even when you have to carry it. The swivel base means easy handling as you can turn the thermal carafe in the most comfortable angle. 


Airpot-Adjustable Nozzle

You will find the adjustable nozzle very functional especially if you are entertaining guests but you don’t want hot water or even coffee splashing on your table or worse, your clothes. This is a very important feature especially if you don’t have the luxury of time to clean up after your mess. It comes with a press button system that allows you to dispense more coffee or any beverage with every press. 

The Pykal airpot is everything you want and more! With a capacity of 3.5 Liters or 120 oz, you can always rely on this coffee dispenser to keep you company whether you want to drink coffee alone, or with our friends.

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