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3 Amazing things you should know about Borosilicate glass

By Pykal November 08, 2017


3 amazing things about Borosilicate Glass

Are you looking for the ideal kitchenware that can withstand heavy duty use without the compromise on style and functionality? We understand that sometimes, metallic pitchers just don’t make the cut for many moms when it comes to safety. That is why glass carafe is the go-to option for many. Who doesn’t love to look at those beautiful beverages inside a crystal clear container?

In this article, we will be talking about glass – but not just any particular type of glass! Introducing the Borosilicate Glass– industry grade and lab approved health safe material ideal for kitchen use that GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) recommends. Here, we breakdown 3 of the most amazing things about borosilicate glass:


Amazing Thing #1 – When it comes to Thermal Resistance, Borosilicate Glass is the KING.


Made from silica, boric oxide and trace amounts of sodium oxide and aluminum oxide, its molecular construction contributes to giving this type of glass a significantly higher melting point compared to other glass structures. Typical glass are made of silicate material from a mixture of sodium carbonate, limestone and sand which makes it more prone to breakage because of thermal stress. The addition of boric oxide reinforces the glass’s thermal resistance making it able to handle extremely hot and cold temperatures. It is even very ideal for laboratory glassware and other industrial applications because of its low thermal expansion coefficient. Now you can store your drinks in the fridge and even boil or cook directly with the glass!


Amazing Thing #2 –  Mechanical Stress? Borosilicate Glass got that covered


Mechanical Stresses can come in the form of surface abrasions from scratches, fracturing or breakage due to impact. Looking at a microscopic level, you might be surprised to know that borosilicate glass is actually elastic material on the atomic level.  However on a macroscale, it is still a compact material with high tensile strength and structural integrity. Compared to other typical glass, borosilicate glass is considered to be stronger and more resistant to mechanical stress. So when it comes to high strength, transmission & impressive abrasion resistance subjected to harsh conditions, it is best to choose Borosilicate Glass as the ideal kitchenware.


Amazing Thing # 3 – Chemically Resistant – The Glass Recommended for Laboratory Use


There are glass with less durability that degrades when exposed to chemicals that cause their weaker network bonds to break. Glass of this type are often made of phosphate or chalcogenides that degrades over time when exposed to water or the humidity in the air. Industry-grade glass like borosilicate glass however, has been tested to have higher chemical resistance. On an atomic scale, silica and boric oxide molecules are so strongly bonded which makes it more resistant to chemical attacks that allows it to withstand damage from water, acidic and basic solutions, and other organic substances in ambient temperatures or even at a temperature level well above boiling point. This is the primary reason why it is the most widely used material in laboratory equipment. Arguably, there’s an ongoing debate that it is even more superior to metal & other materials when it comes to chemical resistance.


Just because glass is prone to breakage when mishandled or dropped, this doesn’t mean that it is constructed of less inferior or weaker material than other manufacturing materials. The amazing things discussed above about borosilicate glass proves otherwise! Time and time again, borosilicate glass has proven to be a reliable kitchen material that can stand the test of time when handled correctly.

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