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5 Different Ways to Use Salad Spinner

By Pykal February 21, 2017


Your salad spinner can do so much more than just dry your greens! Also known as a salad dryer or washer, you can not only dry freshly washed greens and other produce quite as quickly but can also clean them efficiently. A spinning salad bowl can tackle other tasks as well. Here, we lay down the reasons why making it a kitchen necessity is a must:

 1. Washing and drying herbs

Herbs can be washed and dried very easily, so you just need to put your herbs right in the spinner to wash and spin and it will clean them perfectly. If you eat a lot of salads or cook with greens and fresh herbs in big amounts, then you will find that  using a salad mixer  is an  efficient and time-saving way to dry them. Use this salad dryer kitchen multi-tool to clean your nutritional herbs. A word of caution though, it requires one to buy a quality product that has the capability to dry your leafy greens without damage. When you come across one, then all you need to do now is to chop and slice your herbs or leafy veggies before placing them in the spinning salad bowl.



 2. Spinning and draining excess water out of pasta

When you need to make pasta dishes, you’re required to drain the excess water out of the pasta; otherwise, your pasta salad can get watered down and sloppy. With the help of a salad spinner, you can spin and dry the pasta real fast and enjoy the deliciousness of hot pasta straight from it. Remember to cook your pasta as per package instruction after draining and spinning properly.

Draining-pasta-with-a-stainless steel spinner

 3. Rinsing and draining beans

You can use a salad dryer to wash and clean the canned beans as well. First of all, give a quick rinse to the canned beans and then you need to set them aside to drain in its drainer. You can spin the beans until the water is out completely. Instead of washing the beans with cold water, you can place them into the spinner first and fill up with water. It takes just a few minutes to clean the dust particles from the beans.


4. Cleaning and Drying Leeks

Leeks aren’t the cleanest vegetable and neither the simplest to clean that’s around. They have to be cleaned thoroughly (sometimes dried for salad recipes) if you want to avoid eating unwanted minerals. The white and green portion near the roots are the edible parts while the green leaves at the ends are too fibrous to eat. So cut up the edible part of the leek, then cut it again in half, lengthwise. You can now rinse and flex between the layers of the leek under cool tap water. Once all grits are washed away, chop them up to desirable sizes and use the salad spinner stainless steel to dry the leeks.



5. Cleaning craggy vegetables like broccoli

There are some vegetables which are bumpy or craggy, such as broccoli and cauliflower that can be difficult to wash because of lots of dirt in them. To wash these kinds of vegetables, you need to cut them up into the desired pieces first. After that, you have to soak and spin them dry. You need to be careful about water trapped inside the florets. After washing and drying them, they are now ready to cook or eat.


Word of caution: As Broccoli can get heavy, it is recommended only putting a small amount at a time as the salad spinner mechanism may break.

When you purchase the right salad spinner, you don’t only save your time in the kitchen but you are now able to wash and clean your salads perfectly. The Pykal stainless steel salad bowl with lid is a fine example of this ideal kitchen multi-tool. It has a stainless bowl with a large 6.8 capacity for spinning salad greens. Its push lever mechanism is user-friendly and easy enough to operate, even kids love it.

Make your life a little easier in the kitchen when equipped with Pykal’s Salad Spinner!

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