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5 Rules in Making Beautiful and Tasty Salad

By Pykal February 16, 2017


Most of the time, salad is the healthiest alternative when you’re eating out. With salad contents mixed and matched right, your meal can be packed with energy and nutrients found in cheese, dressings or toppings and other fresh ingredients you’ve loaded in. That’s why, it’s the go-to option for a quick healthy meal whatever time of the day. To create the perfect salad however, you’ll have to consider creative bases, flavor-packed toppings, and dressings loaded with healthy fats and other body-boosting nutrients that you need most for the day. It might sound like too much work to create the perfect salad but it doesn’t have to be. Learn the basics on what you should primarily consider for your salad creations, and your salad is as near to perfection as possible if you keep these 5 rules in mind:

1. Fresh and high-quality ingredients

Your salad highly depends on the quality and freshness of your ingredients. You can include a variety of shapes and colours in your favourite greens to make it more interesting and creative. Avoid the ingredients which have virtually no taste. Be creative with your ingredients. Don’t include the ingredients which you don’t like to eat. A combination of your loving salads can enhance the taste of it according to your preferences. Try to add good ingredients in your salad such as nuts, roasted veggies and seeds. Explore new ingredients to make your salads tastier and more good looking.

2. Chop the rainbow to get more flavour

Attractive salads can be made by adding a variety of beautiful colours in it. You can make your experience better by having a mix of flavours, textures, and fresh herbs. It’s good to add a little bit of spice to your salad greens, it could be fresh cracked pepper or a squeeze of lemon on top of lettuce base or fresh herbs. Don’t use strong tasting ingredients together in the same bowl such as olives because of their demanding flavour. Mushroom is suitable for any flavour

3. Make your own dressing for great taste

You can make dressings on your own if you’re not particularly fond of the dressings sold in stores. Making your own dressing is not a difficult task; the steps are quite easy and simple. Use vinegar, lemon juice, honey, salt, seasonings, chopped herbs, and garlic for a basic dressing. If you opt for a creamy one, then you can decorate your salads with yogurt or Mayo. You can add some healthy fats to your salad by using homemade dressings like slices of fresh avocado and lemon juice. If you’re using a store-bought dressing, you can make it thick by mixing in some fat-free Greek yogurt. This way, you’re giving it a creamier and richer taste without including too many calories. You should focus on how much dressing you are using or consuming. Remember: don’t underdress or overdress the salad. No matter how tasty, use your dressings in moderation

4. Use In-Season Produce

Veggies provide more freshness and flavour when they are in season. When you are buying stuff in season, the veggies will not only provide you better taste but they are cost effective as well. That’s why it helps to have a versatile taste buds in this case, try to vary your choice of ingredients according to the season. You can include fruits like mango and watermelon in summer to change the flavour. By using fresh and in- season ingredients, you can gain necessary nutrition in your diet

5. Use good quality spinner to dry your salads effectively

A good quality salad spinner will not only help you wash your salads, but it will also assist you in drying the salads completely so that the dressings can stick easily and in much better way to the dry leaves. There’s nothing more devastating than salad greens that are soaking wet! Make your dining experience with salad so much better with dried ingredients using this innovative kitchen tool in the creation process. Salad spinners are easy to use and clean. They will get your veggies dry quick enough rather than rinsing them off and laying them out on a paper towel and leaving them to dry.

Pykal salad spinner is the fastest in the market, proven to attain a velocity that is unmatched by others; this ensures faster drying and spinning action. Its stainless steel outer shell makes the entire device extremely durable and the smooth design of the basket adds up for a quicker spin cycle. The basket and lid are made with BPA free food -grade materials and can be cleaned easily. This salad spinner was checked time and time again to make sure it spins, dries and serves you freshest greens, vegetables, pasta, mushrooms all your salad ingredients and so much more.

Make it your companion for years to come!


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