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3 Reasons Why Moist Heat is Better than Dry Heat

By Pykal April 23, 2019


Physiotherapists around the world attest to the wonders of heat therapy. Heat is the most convenient and effective treatment to muscle strain. As the current lifestyle of the average American has induced poor postures and weak muscle. Many turn to neck wrap microwavable and even sauna baths to ease their pain. However, not a lot of people are familiar with Heat Muscle Therapy and its two types.

1. When do I use heat therapy?

Heat therapy is best used for muscle stiffness and muscle discomfort. Experts believe that warm temperatures penetrate the muscles and soothes the muscle tissues. Some athletes also use heat therapy rigorous workouts to increase blood circulation and skin temperature.

A study by the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey suggests that a neck heating pad is 5 times more effective than over-the-counter medicines. However. It’s also important to note that the type of heat applied to the body can greatly affect your recovery. Heat therapy comes in two different forms: dry heat and moist heat.

2. Which is which?

Dry heat draws moisture from the body. Examples of this are electric heating pads, and saunas. On the other hand, Moist Heat, uses a wet heat source. An example of these are steamed towels,  neck and shoulder heat wrap, and hot baths.

While both types have benefits and disadvantages, many physiotherapists suggest that MOIST HEAT is relatively more effective.

3. Why moist heat?

  • It penetrates deep inside the muscle tissue without losing temperature. This eases stiff muscles better without dehydrating the skin. Deep temperatures that reach muscle tissue helps the body’s capacity to change the tissue temperature!
  • Increases Blood Flow to the Targeted Area. Good circulation helps to bring  fresh blood into the muscle, allowing a faster recovery. It also takes away toxins in the blood that slow down the recovery process.
  • Rapid Results.

Patients who use a neck and shoulder heat wrap attests that it is five times more soothing to their stiff neck as opposed to a sauna bath. Relief is almost instant when it comes to moist heat. This is why most doctors recommend a heated neck and shoulder wrap for strained shoulder and neck muscles.

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