Thermal Coffee Carafe by PYKAL 68 Oz/2 liter & FREE Cleaning Brush, Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Carafe/Jug with Press Button Top, Quality Thermal Pitcher, Beverage Dispenser(SILVER – Satin Finish)

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  •  Pykal’s Thermal Coffee carafe holds 2 liters(68 oz) and great for serving hot or cold beverages.
  •  Hot Insulation Test temperatures of 12H=160?, 24H=113? Cold beverages stay cold for well over 24 hours.
  •  Ideal use – as a tea/coffee thermos, milk carafe, creamer carafe, juice, wine.
  •  This ultramodern sleek design adds style and grace to your kitchen; The solid double-wall stainless steel construction and insulation ensures that the heat doesn’t escape the carafe whilst keeping the outside cool and easy to touch/hold.
  •  The stainless steel surface is very easy to clean with hot water only but to aid in thorough cleaning we are giving away for FREE a long-handled brush which helps you get the carafe sparkling clean.
  •  Perfect for the family, a dinner party or office. Simply fill the flask with your favorite beverage, hot or cold, serve and enjoy!
  •  Notes: DO NOT put the Carafe in the dishwasher or submerge it in the sink as this will allow water to penetrate through the inner and outer cylinders and damage the insulation.


  • VACUUM INSULATED | COFFEE STAYS HOT| SURFACE STAYS COOL : German engineered advanced vacuum insulation technology to preserve hot or cold beverage temperature for up to 24 hours, whilst preserving taste and aroma and keeping the outside of the carafe cool to touch.
  • FREE CLEANING BRUSH INCLUDED: Your thermal carafe can be used to store a many hot and cold beverages, such as coffee, tea, milk, creamer, juice, water and more… A cleaning brush is included to help you restore the sparkling shine on the inside after every use.
  • PRESS-BUTTON TECHNOLOGY | NO-SPILL SPOUT: The Insulated coffee carafe uses a Press-button opening mechanism for single hand use and a simple press of the lid vacuum seals the carafe back in place. A specially designed spout makes pouring of beverages a spill free experience.
  • HEAVY DUTY | LASTS FOR YEARS: Double walled Stainless steel makes your beverage carafe structually solid. The handle and top lid is made of tough chrome material making it easy to hold.
  • 2 YEARS WARRANTY: Your thermal coffee carafe comes with a 2 year warranty. Purchase with peace of mind. We’re always there when you need us.

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Weight 2.30 lbs
Dimensions 5.31 x 5.31 x 11.02 in

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By reading and following these instructions carefully you will get years of consistent performance from your new Pykal Carafe.

• Wash and rinse the Carafe thoroughly before you use it for the first time.
• Do not try to unscrew the top off your Carafe as that will damage it and void warranty.
• DO NOT use bleach or cleaners containing chlorine on any parts of the product.
• DO NOT use metal or abrasive scrubbers when cleaning the Carafe inside or out as they may damage the Stainless Steel. Wash with warm soapy water after each use and use the soft bristle brush provided for cleaning the inside.
• DO NOT put the Carafe in the dishwasher or submerge it in the sink as this will allow water to penetrate through the inner and outer cylinders and damage the insulation.
• Normally it is sufficient to wipe the outside of the vacuum flask with a damp cloth to keep it clean
• When storing the Carafe it is best to leave the lid open for a few hours to allow it to dry thoroughly.
• DO NOT leave tea or coffee inside the Carafe for more than a full day.
• DO NOT put fizzy drink inside the carafe as it is vacuum sealed and the CO2 build-up inside may cause contents to spurt out onto clothing or furnishings.
• Warm the Flask by running hot water inside prior to using it for hot drinks or cold water prior to using for cold drinks; this will give you the best thermal results.
• Only fill the carafe 80-90% full for best results.
• DO NOT overfill the Carafe as the hot liquids can burn yourself and others.
• DO NOT shake or turn the Carafe upside down as you and others may get burnt.
• DO NOT microwave your Carafe.
• DO NOT put the Carafe over heat including electric or gas rings as this will damage it.
• DO NOT keep the Carafe within the reach of children as they could get burnt. Beware the contents can remain very hot for some time.
• DO NOT allow anybody to touch the spout opening straight after pouring a drink as it may be hot.
• The Push button works to open the flask but you must push on the lid to close and seal it properly.dd
• Immediately close the lid after each use, this will give you the best heat retention.
• The lid can be made tighter by rotating the silicon in an “anti-clockwise” fashion. Ensure you dry the top before you rotate it.

5 reviews for Thermal Coffee Carafe by PYKAL 68 Oz/2 liter & FREE Cleaning Brush, Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Carafe/Jug with Press Button Top, Quality Thermal Pitcher, Beverage Dispenser(SILVER – Satin Finish)
  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I love this carafe. It actually holds more than my old one (a full coffee pot). It seals securely, doesn’t leak a drop and keeps coffee hot for a long time. I have a patio boat that I go out on. I make a pot of coffee about 3:30 PM and pour it in the carafe. I go to the lake until about 9 PM. All that time the coffee stays hot. The next morning whatever is still in the pot is still more than just warm. I can drink it as is or just microwave it for about 30 seconds. It pours neatly and when you release the trigger, there is absolutely no leakage.

    All in all, though, it’s well made and it keeps the coffee hot!

    5 out of 5
  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    First of all, this is a very attractive thermal coffee carafe. It looks so much better than others. We’ve gone through several coffee carafes in the past two years. Either they stopped keeping the contents hot, or they leaked, or the top broke. Happily, the carafe keeps contents hot, so that’s a big plus. Its purpose is to preserve the temperature of the liquids inside. It does so. When filled with coffee from the morning brew cycle, the coffee does get cooler over time, but the freshness is preserved. The design is attractive and the handle is especially well designed so that it’s easy to grip. Not only is it functional but it looks so much nicer than the plastic ones I’ve had in the past. Highly recommend this product!

    5 out of 5
  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Love this beautiful design. It’s stainless steel and silicone. There is no plastic at all. It keeps liquid hot for hours. Leaving the coffee pot on the heating element too long results in burnt coffee, and reheating in the microwave destroys the flavour. Now when the coffee is brewed I simply transfer it right into this thermal carafe and I have great tasting coffee all day. I wrote to ask customer service a question and received a response the same day!! Doesn’t get much better than that. I would have no hesitation in recommending this beautiful carafe.

    5 out of 5
  4. Rated 4 out of 5

    Really had a problem for hot coffee. Finally got this thermal carafe. It’s slow to pour but still, it keeps my coffee hot and fresh. Really love it.

    4 out of 5
  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    It did a wonderful job of keeping my coffee hot. I bought 2 of these from PYKAL It has many qualities such as: –
    1. Attractive design
    2. Maintain the liquid temperature
    3. the stainless steel surface is very easy to clean
    4. Comes with free cleaning brush
    5. Made of stainless steel
    6. can use for: – tea, coffee thermos, milk carafe, juice, water etc.
    7. Decent price
    8. Double wall stainless steel construction
    9. Holds a complete 12 cups of coffee
    Highly recommend: )

    5 out of 5
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