Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder
Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder
Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder – Accusense Dispense Technology
Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder – Free Soft Sponge
Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder – Spacious Ergonomic Caddy – Zero Drip Technology
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Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder – Dimensions
Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder – Soft Touch Volume sensor

Automatic Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder (Free Gift – Soft Sponge included)


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Automatic Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder 

Automatic Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder

  • Pykal’s Automatic Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder is the latest innovation in the Market today! Combining 2 products in 1.
  • The Automatic Soap Dispenser is equipped with Revolutionary AccuSense Dispense Technology which has the latest Smart Sensor and Rapid Dispenser Motor that will surely deliver performance and saves you on soap. The friendly sponge holder is your reliable ally that holds your kitchen cleaning essentials.
  • Touchless operation means you can avoid cross contamination in food preparation, DRIP FREE feature make your kitchen sink counter top clean without the messy after drip most soap dispenser do. Soft touch soap volume buttons makes it easy for you to adjust the soap volume setting with ease with 5 level adjustment to suit your needs.
  • Large 15 Oz/450 ml soap capacity handles all your soap needs in the kitchen. DO NOT USE Exfoliates and THICKER dish soaps.
  • Battery compartment is securely place on top and away from water splashes and moisture which will give a longer product life span compared to other Automatic Soap Dispensers in the market. Use 4x AA Batteries. [BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED].


***Only use a set of 4 of the same brand of AA Alkaline Batteries. Do not mix Alkaline, Standard Batteries (carbon zinc) or rechargeable batteries (nickel hydride). Do not mix old & new batteries.

AccuSense Dispense Technology – A Revolutionary New Technology

Automatic Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder - Accusense Sensor


Rapid Soap Dispense – Enables you to save time and worry free soap dispensing experience as its motor is designed to pump out soap fast when triggered.

Drip Free Precision – Avoid those nasty after drip after every soap dispense, which happens to other kitchen soap dispenser leaving your with a messy kitchen sink with those soap scum or even your beautiful kitchen counter top.

Smart Sensor – The sensor is designed to adapt with the kitchen or bathroom setup in every home. The sensor is designed NOT to be sensitive with ambient lights and moisture like other Automatic Soap Dispensers in the market.

Soft Touch Soap Volume Buttons

Automatic Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder - Soft Touch Volume Buttons

  • 5 Levels of Adjustable Dispense Volume setting – This ensures you have full control over the soap dispensing amount of your Automatic Kitchen Soap Dispenser.
  • Control dispense volume by pressing ” – ” minus and ” + ” plus button.
  • To Shutdown – hold down the “-” minus button then wait until the LED indicator will blink RED.
  • To Turn On – press down the “+” plus button once. The dispenser will remain in its current soap volume setting once it is turned on. To make it convenient for users not to change any settings every time its powered on.

Important Note:

Make sure to power OFF the device before refilling with dish soap.

Automatic Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder - Free Soft Sponge

FREE Soft Sponge

This soft sponge will protect your easy-to-scratch but exquisite kitchenware from any scratch and will still remain good as new with a flawless clean feel.

Automatic Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder - Spacious Detachable Caddy

2 divisions – Detachable Caddy

2 divisions you can use to separate wet and dry sponge, soft and rough sponge brush and any other kitchen cleaning tool at your disposal that you want to be separate while at your reach to use.
You can remove the blue caddy from the body case to give it a through clean once in a while.

Automatic Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder - Perfect Gift Box

It comes with Luxurious Gift Box for your loved ones to like.

Our box is printed with Golden Foil on two sides which makes it delightful to see and touch, bringing out that exquisite look to surprise your friends and loved one with this gift. Perfect for any gift giving occasions.

Additional Information
Weight 1.40434460894 lbs
Dimensions 9.1338582584 x 5.5905511754 x 3.3464566895 in


IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS & DO’s and Don’ts of the Pykal Soap Dispenser

1) During Assembly, make sure that the device is TURNED OFF. To TURN OFF, press & HOLD the (-) button until the LED indicator blinks RED. When transferring fluids into your dispenser tank, if the mouth of your refill bottle is larger than the mouth of the dispenser tank, we recommend the use of either a funnel or wrapping a paper/aluminum foil in cone shape to avoid spillage.

2) INSERTING THE DISPENSER HEAD –  The Silicone Valve used with your dispenser has a Universal Fit which means it can fit over standard refill bottles. For this reason, the Silicon Valve was designed thicker as well. To make sure the silicon valve slides inside easily, we recommend using your finger to rub a tiny bit of soap or water over the silicon valve to make it slippery; then you align it vertically over the mouth of the dispenser tank and push down. This is way easier than it sounds :). Also you can turn the head on either side and have your Caddy on the Left or on the Right.

3) To TURN ON your dispenser, press the (+) button once and it will light GREEN. Default setting on initial setup is at 1 (lowest). Adjust the flow volume accordingly to your preference by pressing (+) repeatedly. Note: The dispense volume does not change instantly after changing the volume, but only after 2-3 dispenses. This is common with most soap dispensers. Remember – Once your dispense volume is set, you will not need to change it again.

4) VOLUME CONTROL MEMORY. Your Auto Sensor Soap Dispenser is designed with Volume Control Memory which allows your device to retain the volume control that was set prior when the device was turned off. This means that even if you turn off or change the battery, the last volume set according to your preference will be retained on the device’s memory, keeping you from the hassle of manually setting the volume again.

5) IMPORTANT!!! – As is the case with most auto soap dispensers, the dispenser is NOT DESIGNED FOR SHOWER USE and should NOT BE SUBMERGED IN WATER. The dispenser is not suitable to work with soaps containing exfoliate or thicker industrial soaps.