i-Cool Handle Technology - Helping Homes to have Burn-Free Kitchens

i-Cool Handle Technology - Helping Homes to have Burn-Free Kitchens

Boiling kettles, soups, oil ,steaming, hot grills and ovens can all cause unexpected accidents in the kitchen. Not surprisingly that many people see the kitchen as a minefield of accidents waiting to happen. It might not come as a surprise that once in your life, you might have thought about putting red tapes all over just to warn your family away from the risks. Consequently, we’ve all had our fair share of burn or scalding stories while in the kitchen and it’s not really very uncommon in many homes that we see.


These accidents are not only prevalent in our home, but also risks at our workplace. If ou work in restaurants, the food industry or in industrial workplaces, then you’ll know fairly well how you are even more exposed to higher risks and burning hazards.


When it comes to home-related burn injuries, household items that top the list based on the survey are kettles, saucepans, deep fryers, pans and many more. According to information gathered by the Burn Foundation, there’s nearly 50% chance of severe burn injuries, most common items involved in these accidents are kettles and teapots. Some of us experience burns or scalds on our  hands because of kettles. Most probably when you’re in a hurry and when your kettle whistles, you immediately grab the handle to pour a drink, not realizing that the handle is unbearably hot or some metal parts are protruding. We see many kettles with handles that are not heat-safe or gets abominably hot with no signs of cooling down shortly after the stove top is turned off.  Often, it is advised to have an oven mitt or a piece of towel ready. Avoid reaching over or across hot burners and surfaces, read and follow directions for proper use, keep first-aids ready for any unexpected situations and keep fire extinguisher accessible. These are some of the best practices when it comes to working in the kitchen.


Because of these dangers , the i-Cool Handle has been developed. Primarily designed for your hand’s safety and comfort, the i-Cool Handle is the newest breakthrough in heat-safe technology that has been engineered in-house. This technology ensures that the handle will be cool & safe to touch – all it needs is just mere seconds to cool down! The kettle has been structured for heavy-duty use. That’s why in Pykal, we don’t settle for anything less than FULL PROTECTION. In the same vigor you care for the safety of your family, Pykal Whistling Kettle places high value as well in the safety attribute of your kitchen. Thus the FIRST of its kind: i-Cool Handle Technology. This kettle will never be too hot for you to handle!

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