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Pykal Salad Spinner

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Pykal Thermal Carafe


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This is a beautiful carafe. It actually holds a whole 12 cup pot of coffee with room for more!!!!! The only thing I do not like is that it only stays hot for about 6 hours. Still knowing that, I would buy it again.
Very beautiful. It came with 99 salad recipes. Very happy with purchase. Will recommend. It will hold lots of salad for my family of seven.
Could not be happier with the purchase. Awesome quality, beautiful, elegant and stylish product, money well spent. Mainly use it for herbs and leafy vegetables to do green juices. Had up to a quarter of cup excess water ( but let's be realistic it's not gonna get your salads completely dry it's a salad spinner not a salad dryer:)) ) Before buying I went on the YouTube they have a good demo All parts are very durable. You can serve salad for guests right in the stainless steel bowl.
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