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How to Find Order Number

If Purchased From Pykal Website

 If you purchased, from our website, your order-id will be mentioned in the email we send at the time you place the order and at the time we send tracking numbers.

If Purchased From Amazon:

 If you have purchased from Amazon , your order-id will be 17 digits long separated by dashes. Example - 111-3501811-2665212



You can get this order-id, by following these steps -
1. Go to , or the amazon website from which you made the purchase.
2. Login and then click the link on the top right that says "Your Orders".
3. Your order-id is on the top right of the corresponding order. Simply copy and paste it to the warranty request screen.


• Why we need Order-id ?


Just like a store like Walmart would ask for “Proof of Purchase/Invoice”, when you make a warranty claim, similarly we require order-id, so we can confirm this is a genuine purchase. The order-id, lets us confirm the Name, Product and date of purchase. Every store will ask for proof of purchase because we all fight with counterfeit items. It is worth mentioning also that we donate a lot of products to Goodwill stores around USA and these do not have any warranty on them and as such order-id is a mandatory requirement if you ever make a warranty claim.


• What if I received the item as a gift?


You can request the person who gifted you the item for the order-id but if you are uncomfortable to ask at this time, pls do not register the warranty now. Should you ever need to, we will still honour warranty when you present us with “Proof of Purchase or Order-id”. If you do write “Gift” instead of order-id, we will still require the order-id at the time you make the warranty claim. As explained in the section “Why we need Order-id ?”, Order-id is mandatory.


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