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5 Hand Strengthener & Exercise Benefits and Uses You Should Know

By Pykal June 15, 2017

5 Hand Exercises Benefits

Let’s get everything straight: Among all your muscles, which of them do you use most? Aside from your internal and sensory organs which works involuntarily, which body part has to work hour after hour, day after day? We might hardly notice it but their precious hands who have their hands full – LITERALLY! – to catch up on the demands of day-to-day work. Indeed, your hands are in sore need of some pamper time. However, hand strengthening and hand pampering are of the least priority when buying workout equipment. Grip Strength training is often neglected in one’s training program when in truth, it should be made just as important to realize one’s full strength potential. You might not have the time to go to the gym these days to work on a good training program for your hands – that’s why hand exercisers and hand strengthener come in handy! During idle times, go grab a hand exerciser like the Hand Power Pro and squeeze and flex to give your hands the right pampering and strengthening that it needs. Read on for specific reasons why you should buy a good hand exerciser – it’s benefits and uses – to achieve great results:


1. Improved Grip Strength

For Bodybuilders, improved Grip Strength comes with enhanced weight training workouts. As weights increase, gripping strength should improve relatively to not compromise one’s weight lifting form. That’s why builders are on the losing end if they don’t even out their hand strength training! Strong hands and wrist also aid in weight stabilization by enabling the weight lifter to balance massive weights with more confidence. But let’s not go to the extremes.

Not all of us are bodybuilders but all of us in one way or another has to grip something right? Better grip strength translates to a lot of other physical activities and your body (plus your kids asking to open that cookie jar) would benefit greatly from it. It is also interesting to note one large 2015 study of nearly 140,000 people from different countries showing a consistent link between grip strength and deaths caused by heart attack and stroke. The study has led to a conclusion that for every 10 or so pounds of lost grip strength, people had a 17% higher risk of dying from heart attack or stroke. Therefore, Hand Strength – no matter how seemingly trivial – has to be improved.


2.Improved Finger Dexterity

Dexterity is the ability to make coordinated small muscle movements (like your hands and fingers) often involving fine, precise movements. Fine Motor Skills as one would coin the term. So what does improved hand strength got to do with fine motor skills if it’s all about precision and object manipulation?

Fine motor skills of the fingers are often impaired with Stroke Recovering Patients. A hand exerciser can come in handy to practice in-hand manipulation skills and to bring one’s grip strength back. Musicians, amateur and professionals alike, need to build finger flexibility and strength as they play their instruments. This line of work relies heavily on their finger muscles to have the dexterity to apply the correct pressure and playing techniques when needed. Hand exercisers help in avoiding injuries, cramping, pain and in conditioning their hand muscles and joints when not playing. Healthy stretches and exercises made using the exerciser inhibits injury by lessening hand fatigue. Typists or “keyboard” workers can benefit greatly as well with improved finger dexterity by independently building one’s fingers through uniform resistance provided by the Hand Power Pro Finger Exerciser.


 3. Stronger & More Muscular Forearms

Hand exercisers often provide a resistance-type training for individual fingers.  Take hand weights, for example, any type of resistance training form provides the chance to develop and tone arm muscles. The muscles are interconnected thus the effect of hand strengthening exercise radiating to your forearm flexors and extensors. This is why, rather than idle fingers, why not choose to squeeze and flex those hands with a hand exerciser? Your forearm will likewise, thank you for it!


4. Better Daily Life Function

Driving your car, lifting objects, opening bottles or doors or canned goods, typing on a keyboard, holding the kids and the grocers, washing the laundry or the dishes; not to mention the sports activities that involves gripping a ball or a racket or a bat like tennis or golf or baseball – all needs hand grip strength to a lesser or greater extent.

When your hands are well taken care of and well-exercised, they are able to perform better over a range of various day-to-day activities and you can rest assured that your hands can work for you over longer periods. Habitual use of Hand Exercisers help lessen muscle fatigue and in turn, prevents the risk of you developing musculoskeletal diseases like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.


5. Relieve Stress – Physically and Emotionally!

Physically, your hands and fingers can be subjected to repetitive stress injuries. The Exerciser which could also substitute as your go-to stress ball improves hand area blood circulation while contracting your fingers and hand muscles in using it. Recovering patients also use stress balls made of gel to rehabilitate and strengthen fingers, hand and wrist muscles. Stress balls also help manage the self-stimulatory behavior of people with autism instead of spinning, rocking, running, fidgeting or repeating words/phrases.

Emotionally, squeezing stress balls diverts your attention in such a way where instead of thinking about the source of your stress, your mind focuses on the stress ball, allowing your mind and body to relax. Your nerves are also stimulated like an acupressure point to stabilize emotions. Tension & Stress is also released as you squeeze and flex the device.


Consider adding to your physical fitness program the use of hand exercisers and see the significant difference it brings to your hand endurance and hand strength levels. It will take some time to see results like the case for muscular forearms and for recovering patients but as the case is with any therapy and training, results come with perseverance. So don’t give up after using it a few times. Be consistent and be committed to improving your hand’s grip strength!

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