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5 Effective ways to deal with Trigger Finger using Hand Exercise and other Home Remedies

By Pykal June 21, 2017


Trigger Finger or known medically as Stenosing Tenosynovitis is a common condition experienced by the index, middle, ring fingers and the thumb, that is very uncomfortable and painful characterized by one or more fingers locking when bent, making it difficult to flex or move them. How is it different from arthritis? With Trigger Finger, the tendon sheath is inflamed thus nodules are formed which impedes the natural gliding motion of your fingers when bending it. The fingers often lock while in a bent position. Common symptoms include popping or clicking sounds, tenderness or finger stiffness, even a bump at the base of the finger is visible. Is this condition totally untreatable? Though trigger finger surgery is always an option, we will lay down below 5 Effective Ways on How To Deal with Trigger Finger using Hand Exerciser and other Home Remedies to help alleviate the symptoms:

1. Finger Stretches & Light Exercises using a Hand Exerciser


Finger Hand exercises are not really focused on hand conditioning or hand strengthener therapies since the issue is on an inflamed tendon sheath around the joint. The exercises should be tender. So with the suggested exercises, make use of the light resistance of the Pykal Hand Power Pro hand exerciser to help improve your finger’s condition.

2. Finger Splint or Trigger Finger Brace

Finger Splints or Braces are made to immobilize certain body parts, that way, injury or further damage to nerves or body parts is inhibited due to motion. When wearing the braces, it prevents your fingers as well from thoughtlessly moving them to grip or pinch something – activities that activates pain on the trigger finger. Finger Splints are recommended to be put on for at least 2 weeks to regress the nodules due to lack of movement or until the pain or inflammation subsides.

3. Rest Hands and Soak Fingers in Warm Water

 To heal the tendon, properly rest your hands. Additionally in the morning, you can also soak the affected fingers in warm water. Doing so relaxes finger tendons and muscles, improves blood circulation and ultimately reduces swelling & inflammation. A cold compress however provides temporarily relief as it numbs the nerve endings. We suggest that you use cold compress sparingly. Warm water soaks in the morning has been said to be effective for many.

4. Anti-inflammatory home remedies

Botanicals like pineapple, turmeric or aloevera with anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe Vera, for example can be applied topically. Other botanicals like pineapple and turmeric can be taken orally to serve as botanical pain relievers. It is also interesting to note that Bromelain- a well-known anti-inflammatory is found in pineapple stems. So if you have trigger finger, eat lots of pineapple and take bromelain supplements (available in 500 mg tablets) for trigger finger relief. However, please proceed with caution. When preparing botanical pain relievers, further research should be done on your part as well on the right mix and the right variety for maximum benefits.

 5. Trigger Finger Massage

The word here for massage is “Tender”. Overworked thumbs are massaged to lengthen contracted tissues. Therapist also pay attention to contracted fibers along the flexor tendons right at the base of the hand. Flexor Muscles and Extensor Fascia section is also relaxed, paying special attention to the side of the knuckles that inhibits motion caused by trigger finger. Release of the connective tissue on the farmost knuckle relieves trigger finger pain. When it comes to massaging these delicate parts, we recommend getting help from a professional massage therapist.

Trigger Finger has a cure and it doesn’t always have to be treated with surgery right away! Take note of the above key takeaway points and remember to supplement your hand care regimen with Pykal’s Hand Power Pro Hand Exerciser. Don’t wait for your trigger finger to worsen – take care of your hands as you would take care of your whole body – get yourself a Hand Exerciser for best results.

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