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3 Must Know Hand Exerciser Exercises to Ease Hand, Wrist Pain and Arthritis

By Ahmed Shahid June 16, 2017



Hand and Wrist Pain can come in a variety of cases – each with varying levels of pain that a person experiences. Many conditions can affect our hands and some of the most common include cubital or carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid  arthritis , tendonitis and RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury), not to mention trauma-related injuries that can come from too much exertion in sports activities. The above mentioned health issues usually come at a later stage after the hands have experienced too much strain or pressure over time. That is why as early as now, take the time each day to relieve your hand and wrist tightness, tension and fatigue with these simple little stretches that you can do with a Hand Exerciser. Do these exercises as often as you can to dissolve hand surface tension – your hands deserve some light relief from all the day-to-day tension it has to face head on!


Gorilla Grip

Wear the device like a glove. All your fingers should be inserted into the holes to the end. Then squeeze your fingers into the center ball. Hold for 2-3 seconds, then open and squeeze again. Repeat the exercise for 10-30 times. Do this exercise with your other hand as well.

Why You Will Love This:

This exercise also helps in relieving stress physically and mentally – just imagine squeezing a stress ball. The squeezing and gripping action distracts and diverts your attention instead of focusing on stressing thoughts – so whenever you’re stressed or really really mad, divert your rage and give the hand exerciser a try!


Wrist Stretch

The wrist stretches works both ways – flexor stretch and extensor stretch. Those with arthritis can benefit greatly with this exercise as injuries are often centered on the finger joints but not totally limited to just your fingers – even your wrists can get affected! An often neglected range of motion which is wrist extension is also improved to help prevent future painful injuries. Check out how the stretches are done with the picture below:


Why You Will Love This

This exercise is meant to give healthy stretches to the wrist. It is such a relief to feel the stretching sensation in your arms and wrist, holding it for a few seconds before releasing. When your wrist feels tight or tired, try this exercise out. When the wrist joints are at their best condition, you’re likely to have good hand dexterity as most activities require a great deal of wrist flexion and extension!


Isolated Finger Flex and Fold/Clamp

By spreading your hands like that of a handshake and inserting a finger in one hole of the exerciser, slowly bend your thumb or finger to the point of pull (not pain) then flex it. Holding the other end of the exerciser adds resistance which aims to let you improve each finger’s individual strengths and independence.


Why You Will Love This

Isolated Finger Exercises are actually very helpful for musicians! Those who play the piano, guitar or the trumpet can benefit greatly using these isolated finger exercises as they strengthen and train their fingers to work independently. With the 2 tension pack, it is very easy to hold and after some repetitions, your fingers could definitely feel the workout.

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Remember to always supplement your holistic hand-care regimen by using  Pykal Hand Power Pro   – your go-to stress ball and hand exerciser in 1. Whether you’re at work, or at home watching the tv – squeeze and flex and keep those fingers stretched and pampered – your hands will thank you for the special treat!

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