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iCool Handle Whistling Kettle: Burnt Hands No More!

By Pykal November 10, 2017


Whistling Tea kettles are often termed to be “grandma’s favorite” because of a seemingly rustic yet traditional way of boiling water. It’s like a lifestyle away from the electric gadgets and the associated risks. Additionally, who doesn’t love hearing that pleasant whistle that signifies a fresh pot of piping hot water right? Nonetheless, this type of kitchenware can be seen used day by day in many households.


Stainless Steel is the most popular material for whistling kettle because of its non-rustic property and heavy-duty use. But users are often warned to WATCH THE HANDLE because it tends to get hotter and harder to pick up with bare hands when exposed to fire.


Are you one of those who experienced burnt hands because of this? Perhaps your memory of a whistling kettle is that every time you use one, it’s a must that you have that oven mitt or a piece of towel ready to place it meticulously over the handle before you grab it to pour your drink. Are you getting tired of this routine?


In this article, we will offer you a quick solution to solve such issue for the tea kettle that you have right now:


A wise alternative: A do-it-yourself sugru to make your lid heatproof. This can offer a pretty handy solution to the situation (though not long-lasting).


So what is sugru? Sugru is a type of moldable glue that has heat resistant properties. It is made from a unique combination of chemicals, making this material heat and cold resistant, waterproof & moldable. To make the kitchenware you have at hand moldable, here are quick steps on how to apply the sugru: All you have to do is mold it, then surround it to the particular area of the handle. Next, smoothen the ensemble with soapy water and leave it to cure overnight – then that’s it!

 Another great alternative is for you to have a whistling tea kettle that offers an ALL-IN-ONE HEATPROOF benefit. Featuring the newly added feature in The Pykal Whistling Kettle which is the i-Cool Handle. This is a specifically engineered advanced handle technology for the Pykal whistling kettle, where the lid and nylon handle stays cool to the touch. It is lab tested to have faster cool-down time when exposed to immense heat for longer periods compared to other stainless steel. What’s great about this type of handle is that you won’t need to add anymore sugru or other heatproof moldeables on the handle that won’t even last long! Seldom do you see a kettle that has placed specific emphasis on the safety of the consumers. With this revolutionary handle, now you won’t have to worry about burnt hands or kettle mishandling!

PyKal I Cool Handling Whistling Kettle

At Pykal, we only offer premium materials and advanced technology to our customers that will not only satisfy your needs but also puts into consideration first and foremost the safety of yours.


The Pykal Whistling Kettle is structured for heavy duty use internally and externally. We place high value in the safety attribute of the kettle to avoid foreseeable accidents, thus the FIRST of it’s kind: iCOOL HANDLE Technology. BUY it TODAY for yourself or for someone you love! Experience Luxury & Performance. Experience Pykal.

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