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How to choose the best whistling kettle

By Pykal November 10, 2017


Whistling Kettle is one of the most widely used kitchenware in American Homes as it is often considered to be a convenient tool to boil water. In a busy morning, a whistling kettle’s alarm would surely come in handy to alarm us of water that is boiled and ready to be poured.


However, with the many brands out there in the market, you might be challenged to look for the best & right kettle for your family. In this article, we will discuss the major factors that can help you make the wise purchase.


How long does it take to boil water?

When you’re making an online purchase, make sure to do your research on the product’s packaging. Look out for information on how long it takes to boil water. Specifically watch out for kettles with the “Quick-Heating” feature. However, do not get easily tricked with these labels. Remember that the time needed in boiling water will also depend on what materials the kettle’s base is made of that is in contact with the stovetop. Stainless steel may be all the rage now when it comes to body construction but you need to remember that stainless steel at the base ALONE is a bad conductor of heat. Therefore, it won’t be enough to have 1 stainless steel layer at the base of your stovetop items.


The Pykal Whistling Kettle uses an innovative 5 layer encapsulated base for faster heating. The high heat conductors namely iron and aluminum have been caked inside stainless steel exteriors to avoid leaching. We all know that no matter how well brewed your tea or coffee is, nobody wants to sit around waiting for water to boil. The faster water in your kettle boils, the better.


Is the alarm too loud? Or do you prefer something subtle?

The quality & the volume of the whistle of the kettle is also a factor. You will have to consider as well if the kettle is to be used by the elderly. Elder people often prefer really loud whistles for safety reasons. Is the loudness of the whistle enough for you to notice? Or would you prefer a sound that is just subtle? So it is important that you hear for yourself how the whistle sounds if it’s the right fit. Please see the Pykal Whistling Kettle demo if the whistle of our kettle is the right fit for you.


Is the handle heat-safe?

Admit it, it has been your eternal struggle to have your kitchens burn free. Like many people, you view your kitchen as a minefield of burn and fire accidents waiting to happen. At some point in your life, you may have experienced burns or scalding while in a hurry to grab the handle of a kettle when it whistles. Right now, we see many kettles with handles that are not heat safe or gets really hot with no signs of cooling down shortly after the stove top is switched off. This is a common kitchen hazard and because of this, Pykal has developed the iCool-Handle Technology. This breakthrough tech ensures that the handle of the Pykal Whistling Kettle cools down in just seconds once the stovetop is turned off.


What material is it made of? Can it withstand daily use?

One common complaint we all have when buying kitchen products is that lately, kitchenware are so frail and cheaply made that they can’t even withstand day to day wear and tear. Pykal totally relates to this, and that is why we made sure to use surgical grade 304 stainless steel in the construction of this kettle – INSIDE & OUT. However, material is just half the battle won. The type of material should be matched well with great ergonomic design & sturdy overall construction. So before you make a purchase, make sure to check out reviews for leaks & double check on the product’s description to ensure that it has top quality construction from the interior & out.


Bottom line is: the type of material and the features that you place high importance in depends solely on your individual taste, preferences, family needs & requirements. When you buy a kettle in-store, inspect the item from top to bottom and to every wedge or crevice if there are any signs of chipping, scratches, breakage or any prior damage. Get a grip and hold it to decide if the weight is to your liking.


When buying online, we understand that it is virtually impossible to check the items before the purchase. So make sure that you buy only from trusted sellers with proven track record of providing quality products & impeccable customer support. Buying online can get you cheaper deals without the compromise in quality. Do your part and research the products and company well.


With Pykal, we are so sure of our product that all your purchases are backed with the Quality Guarantee. Look for our assurance of quality and value! Make a WISE choice today. Experience Luxury & Performance. Experience Pykal.

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