Pykal Stainless Steel Salad Spinner Lettuce Dryer – with FREE Tongs, Push Handle Lever operation, Large 6.8 QT Bowl

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FAST DRY MECHANISM | NO BROKEN CORDS| PUSH-LEVER INJURY FREE OPERATION – Pykal Salad Spinner comes with a German Engineered push lever technology which delivers dryer salads within a matter of minutes. The Push Handle is easy to operate and causes no stress on the hands.

HEAVY-DUTY RUST RESISTANT STAINLESS STEEL| LARGE BOWL SALAD DRYER| NON-SLIP BASE| DISHWASHER SAFE – Your Salad spinner comes with a Large Stainless Steel Serving Bowl 6.8QT. The Colander basket capacity is 6.34 QT. Simply place the lid over the bowl and store your left over salads in the Fridge to keep them fresh overnight. The bowl is dishwasher safe and comes with a non-slip rubber base.

FREE PREMIUM GRADE TONGS INCLUDED – Your Salad spinner is accompanied with a premium set of tongs which are perfect to toss and serve salads.

MULTIPLE USES: Your salad spinner can be used as a salad tosser, lettuce shaker, salad washer and can be used for Pasta, salad, herbs, beans, brocolli and more

1 YEAR WARRANTY | RISK-FREE PURCHASE – Your Salad Spinner comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Purchase with peace of mind. Pykal has a proven track record in customer service. NOTE: This warranty is available ONLY when you buy from seller “Pykal”.

✅ Fast Action Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Salad Spinner that leads to Dry Salads in just Minutes !!

✅ Unsurpassed Craftmanship – This ultramodern sleek design adds style and grace to your kitchen and is Rust-Resistant.

✅ A Large 6.8QT bowl which is Perfectly Suited for an Entire Family.

✅ Comes with Premium Grade Salad Tongs.

Ideal use as – salad spinner, salad bowl, mixing bowl.


Comfortable Push Lever Mechanism

Smooth and Injury free operation – Unlike some other salad spinners which use a Rope/cord mechanism, the Pykal Salad spinner has a push lever mechanism which is easy on hands.

Simply push the lever as many times as needed to remove excess water, leaving the salads clean, dry and ready to add your favorite dressings.


Performance Tip:

Do not overfill the colander with salad. The less heavy the salads are, the quicker the salad spinner will rotate.

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel

Pykal Salad Spinner is made of Heavy Duty Stainless Steel that is Rust-Resistant and doesn’t crack.

Fast Drying Action – Salads Dry in minutes

Pykal Stainless Steel Salad spinner can achieve really high spin speeds resulting in fast drying of your salads.

Simply push down on the Lever in a rapid motion to attain extremely high spin speeds and quicker results!!

Non-Slip Rubber Base

The stainless steel bowl comes with a non-slip rubber base which grips to the Kitchen bench while you are spinning your salads.

Easy Assembly

Pykal Salad spinner comes with 4 parts as shown which are easy to assemble.