Keurig B 3000 SE Coffee Commercial Single Cup Office Brewing System

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(as of 03/05/2017 at 14:00 UTC)

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The large Keurig B3000SE provides you an with great cappuccino, coffee and espresso and is perfect for office use. This Keurig espresso maker is an ideal beverage making machine that offers four different brew strengths from a mild 10 oz to an intense 4 oz brew for a variety of beverages. You can get a variety of flavors sealed in the ready-to-use K-cups with this Keurig coffee machine. The auto-eject and Empty Bin feature of the Keurig K3000SE allows you to drop up to 35 cups into the bin and alerts you when the bin is full. This Keurig espresso maker boasts a direct water-line plumping to give you a fresh cup of coffee every 60 seconds. The drip tray of this Keurig coffee machine is easy to remove and clean. This brewer is ready to be connected to your water supply and does not include a filter.


  • Choice of 4 cup sizes (4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz.)
  • Direct-water-line plumbing
  • Automatic used K-Cup ejection and storage
  • Separate Hot Water Spigot


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